Exhibitions Guide

17 years' experience to take part / to visit /programing of international exhibitions. This practical guide contains information, tips and techniques to help you succeed at exhibitions.

The information is based on experiences involved in preparing for, organizing
Before defining precisely why you are attending an exhibition you need to be assured you are going for the right reasons.
Why are going to this particular exhibition
What are you hoping to get out of it
Who are you hoping to meet when you are there?
How likely is it that your target audience will be visiting?

The most common reasons tend to be:

- to meet new prospects/contacts
- to make your presence felt
- to launch new products/services
- to promote your brand
Try where possible to set precise targets, as this gives you something to measure your performance against at the end of the exhibition
The right approach to enhances your chances of making progress, the opposite can scupper any prospects you may have entertained of making a there and then or at some point in the future

Which ask a question in an open manner:

What is your particular interest in
What do you particularly like about that
How have you found the exhibition today
What types you use at the moment
How familiar are you with exhibitor
How much do you know about
Why are you attending this specific exhibition?. What are your objectives?
What detail are they likely to enter into
Where are they most likely to come from?. Which countries
Do they speak English?
How have you decided to record the details of exhibitor

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