Agriculture after covid


   Covid has closed borders and pushed goods back into the domestic market 

Serious threat to the market of agricultural products in countries such as Iran and countries in the region and most of developing countries. Covid-19 has closed borders and pushed goods back into the domestic market, and as the coronavirus is likely to take a few more months, the problem will continue.

On the other hand, by reducing the (like country's oil in Iran)internal revenues, reducing of exporting the agri-products and other industries products reduced foreign exchange earnings can have a negative impact on the import of many goods. At the same time, if export restrictions continue to region countries, part of the agricultural sector will lose its sales market and consumer confidence in target markets will decrease, and returning confidence to the agricultural market and the consumer will be very costly and time-consuming.
This is a serious threat to the export of agricultural products to countries such as Iran and developing countries.
As the coronavirus crisis affects the agricultural sectors of developing countries such as Iran & LMIC country. these countries face major problems and challenges such as declining investment, low productivity, inefficient market management, and production, and have exacerbated the sector's vulnerability.

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