Renovation and Reconstruction Massey Ferguson

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Renovation and Reconstruction Massey Ferguson

We are looking for the best way to turn the Threats of economic crisis sanctions which is against the poor & ordinary farmers into an opportunity despite the many crises., to Prepared and used agricultural machinery based on their own budget

Convert tractor MF (Massey Ferguson Tractor 295 made in USA 1977) 2 Wheel drive to 4 Wheel drive in Iran.
To reach our aim which it was, Renovation and Reconstruction needed some change in parts of the front Axle, gearbox, front support, pedals, Adjusting the gears of rear axle ratio in the final drive. all parts designed and manufactured by my technical engineer's friends. based on high quality & competitive prices. 
it's ready to work in Iranian farms. we are eager to cooperate with specialists & companies to transfer the bilateral know-how.
We understand how to prove that threats and crises are the keys to success. proven that threats and crises are the keys to success.
Economic sanctions restricted cash flow, reduce investment, difficulties to import the raw material which cant be found in domestic markets, the export will be difficult.
But this leads to an increase of self-confidence, the ability to struggle & challenge difficulties, to increase our knowledge, stand up on our feet, love trustable friends & extend moral behavior. (how to drive on crisis waves)
The economic crises of the last 13 years made some of my friends who are active in agricultural machinery design & manufacture high-quality agri-machinery, implements & spar parts & recently powertrain of backhoe & tractors.




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