What is the destiny of digital Technology in agriculture industries in Low and middle-income country (LMIC)


The World Economic Forum as a whole has recently announced that it is the only digital Technology in agriculture industries in the world that can be         deal with possible future food shortages in the world and to help farmers in particular to avoid the economic problems of the coronaviruses.


Covid-19 has affected the food security of millions of people around the world, and the global economy as a whole has warned that as the disease continues, the global agricultural cycle will make it difficult to make an impact on the world's food supply.
It has recently announced that it is the only digital agriculture that has tackled the world's potential food shortages in the future, and will help grow plants, especially if it helps the corona's economic woes.
In this regard, only some developing countries have resorted to technology to cross this difficult economic neck with the help of the latest tools and advanced equipment.

Precision Agriculture for Development (PAD) is a non-profit organization that works to provide technological and accurate agricultural education to farmers around the world, especially in less developed countries.
PAD research shows that coronas viruses affect farmers' productivity and livelihoods in third world countries, and although the gap between rich and poor is widening, technology can improve the living conditions of farmers in developing countries.

If the governments of (LMIC) come to the aid of low-income farmers and become familiar with the technological tools of soil surveying, UAV * photography of farms, and the preparation of big data, as well as the use of machine learning research (although this has intensified since the onset of the Corona crisis) We will minimize the impact of this crisis on the poor farmers of the countries (LMIC) and on the other hand, will not cause much trouble during the food cycle of these countries. 

*The use of UAVs in agriculture is associated with the ability to collect all the information of agricultural lands at any time and any land.

This information can be analyzed in all periods of planting, holding, and harvesting agricultural products.
A type of UAV that has found more useful in most developing countries is spraying agriculture UAV, which has The ability to adjust the height and prevent collisions with obstacles and high speed of action in spraying are among the advantages of this type of agriculture UAV.

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