Consequences of increasing rural youth migration from rural to urban areas in many middle and low-income developing countries"



(especially after extending of corona virus effecting ) Major rural youth in "middle-income developing countries" (such as Iran) to earn more income and reach their dreams and attention to the income difference between urban and rural and increased their financial costs that cannot meet their basic needs and Decision Making.

They follow the path of the cities. Immigrants in the cities can earn much income many times as much as the villagers through intermediation and peddling jobs, and get rid of the costly and difficult agricultural work. as a result, rural youth migration leads to agricultural recession and increased imports of agricultural products and inflation in the agricultural sector (especially in the corona period) in these countries.
It can be concluded that excessive migration to the city has consequences such as reduced production, increase in the price of agricultural products and reduce food security, and ultimately economic unrest.




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