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Agri-Business consulting

Agri-Business consulting 

which section of the agricultural sectors is it more profitable to invest in? 
Agri-businesses have a special place in the agricultural economy of Iran. 
 Iran has a four-season climate and horticultural crops & Agricultural products are produced in tropical and subtropical regions.
 In fact, the provinces of Iran, each with its own climate, specialize in one or more agricultural crops & herbal products.
 In the FAO 2016 rankings, Iran ranks eighth in the world in terms of agricultural output, which indicates the potential role of Iranian producers in agriculture.
  Iran ranks first in the world in the production of saffron, pistachio, caviar, barberry, pomegranate and berry, and second in dates, apricots, and third in watermelon, cherry, cantaloupe, apple, walnut, and cucumber.
 Iran's top 5 agricultural products rank among the top five in the world, and statistics show that there should be more focus on exports. 
Research in this area requires investment in the following sectors - Implementation of modernization of agricultural machinery and equipment
 - Agricultural water management Implementation of modern irrigation systems and change of cultivation pattern
 - Equipping and renovating agricultural machinery and equipment and converting industries and increasing mechanization indexes
 - Accessing international markets by employing expert consultants

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